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HOHO Goa, How, Where, When Questions Answered.

Hi There, You are planning to visit Goa , probably you have heard of this fascinating sightseeing service launched by Goa Tourism called HOHO Goa.  Image Courtesy: When it comes to using the service, tourists have countless questions. It's high time these questions get answered and thereby making it super easy for every one to enjoy the HOHO Goa sightseeing tour.  Here I have compiled the most asked questions. Let's get started.   Question 1  : From where can I Board the HOHO Goa Bus   I get to hear one question a lot, " from where can I board the HOHO Goa Bus for Goa Sightseeing or Goa Darshan ?", "From Margao Railway Station what is the nearest pick up point?", "I am planning to stay near Calangute, what is the nearest HOHO Bus stop." In this post I will explain how easy it is to board HOHO bus,no matter you are a Goan living in Goa since birth or a new-bee traveler coming all the way from Russia to visi

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